The Lab

Nicholas Provart, PI.
Room 3072.

Current Lab Members (April 2018)

Anna van Weringh, Ph.D. candidate in guard cell ‘omics.
Room 3078.

Matthew Cumming, M.Sc. candidate in ABA signaling natural variation.
Room 3078.

Vincent Lau, M.Sc. candidate in gene regulatory network analysis and data viz.
Room 3076.

Asher Pasha, M.Sc., Bioinformatics RA.
Room 3076.

Thanh Nguyen, FACSAria and CAGEF RA (honourary member).
416-978-0563, Room 4073 or
416-946-8149, Room 3078.

Andre Severino, CAGEF RA (honourary member).
416-946-0043, CAGEF Lab or
416-946-8149, Room 3078.

Past Lab Members

Jamie Waese, Ph.D. graduate.

Michael Dong, Ph.D. graduate.

Matthew Ierullo, M.Sc. graduate.

Rohan Patel, M.Sc. graduate and RA

Dr Steven Chatfield, post-doctoral fellow.

Shu Hiu, M.Sc. graduate.

Ryan Austin, Ph.D. graduate.

Dr George Bassel, post-doctoral fellow.

Sherry Hsieh, M.Sc. graduate.

Ron Ammar, M.Sc. graduate.

Rachel Carson, M.Sc. graduate.

Kiana Toufighi, M.Sc. graduate.

Ravi Rauniyar, Affymetrix RA. (ex-member)
Good luck with your studies, Ravi!

Jonathan Taylor, ex-BBC SysAdmin.
Good luck in grad school!

Jose Miguel Izquierdo, ex-BBC SysAdmin.
All the best in Spain!